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Scientific Research Institutes

National-level Research Platforms

⟡ National Key Laboratory of Special Technology on UAV (participate in construction)

⟡ National Engineering Research center of UAV System (participate in construction)

⟡ National Engineering Laboratory for Integrated Aero-Space-Ground-Ocean Big Data Application Technology (Jointly constructed)

⟡ National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of IoT Technology and Application (Jointly constructed with other institute of NPU)

Provincial or Ministerial level Research Platforms

⟡ Engineering Research Center for Embedded System Integration of Ministry of Education

⟡ Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Speech & Image Information Processing

⟡ Networked Embedded System Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province

⟡ International Joint Research Center for mobiles Platform Environmental Perception and Aerospace Applications

⟡ Shaanxi Engineering Research Center of Cloud Computing

⟡ Shaanxi Engineering Research Center of Transmission Network and Intelligent Control

⟡ National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Integrated Circuit Technology of Shaanxi Province

⟡ MIIT Key Laboratory of Big Data Storage and Management

⟡ Shannxi sub-center of National Secrecy Science and Technology Evaluation Center