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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Adhering to the "all for students, for all students, for students’ all" work idea, School of Computer Science (SCS) carries out the ideological and political dream building program, expand the stage for international exchanges, deepen school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative training, vigorously develop the awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, and constantly enrich campus cultural life to cultivate high-quality top-notch innovative talents.

1. The Red navigation

Guided by the student party construction work and its "Eight Regulations", through big data and cloud computing techniques we seize the network ideological and political position and implement the red navigation, ideological and political dream plan in the form that the students like to strengthen the students' ideal and faith.

Red Navigation and Ideological Shaping Training Activity

Educational activity on the Theme of the Chinese Dream

2. International Exchange

Based on the project of "Flying Around the World", we face the future and go to the world. We constantly select outstanding students to Cambridge University, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other world-renowned universities for international exchange, so as to broaden students' international horizons.

Students’ Training and Exchange on Summer Vacation in Cambridge University

Students’ International Exchange in University of Twente, the Netherlands

3. School-Enterprise Cooperation

We will continue to broaden the platform for students internship and practice, deepen school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education through hiring class tutors outside of NPU, organizing students to study and practice in national defense units or Fortune Global 500 Enterprises, etc., and establishing students’ clubs with Tencent, ATL and other enterprises.

Hiring Class Tutors Outside of NPU for Collaborative Education

Students Visiting ZTE Corporation and Conducting Practical Research

4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Under the guidance of "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation", we have cultivated students' awareness, and enhanced their ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. Based on state-level platforms, a number of university-level demonstration innovation and entrepreneurship bases have been built, and remarkable results have been achieved.

Li Xuesi, a graduate student, talking with Minister Miao Wei of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Wang Jianjun, in Innovation Base, was selected as one of the 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by Forbes China in 2013

5. Campus Culture

Guided by the idea of "Based on Students, Relying on Students, Close to Students, and Shaping Students", School of Computer Science organizes rich and colorful campus activities.Through NPU “Sanhang Cup”, Turing Culture Festival, the Welcome Party, and related volunteer service platforms, we attract students to "walk out of the dormitory, walk away from the network, and walk to the playground", so as to cultivate positive, physical and mental healthy and all-round developed students.

Creating a Well-known Brand of Turing Culture Festival and Improving the Quality of Campus Culture

Undertaking the School “Sanhang Cup” Aerobics Competition, Enriching the Campus Culture

Organizing a Welcome Party Every Year to Enhance the Cohesion of Students

Establishing Volunteer Service Team and Carry Out Gratitude Education