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The School of Computer Science Holds a Symposium on the Growth of Young Teachers


[The School of Computer Science Jiang Hongmei] On the morning of May 28th, the School of Computer Science held the "Symposium on the Growth of Young Teachers" in the Conference Room 203 of the School building. Yu Zhiwen - Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Shengbing - Vice President (presiding), and more than 20 young teachers participated in the exchange and discussion on issues related to the development of young teachers.The conference was carried out with young teachers as the main body.

First of all, Professor Guo Bin, the top young talent of the national "Ten-thousand Talents Program", shared his research experience and realization with them. He gave a detailed introduction from the aspects of personal goals and positioning, the relationship between individuals and teams, the improvement of academic influence, the evaluation standards of academic influence in the new era, and academic exchange. He also put forward valuable suggestions on their growth and development in details.

Then, the young teachers attending the conference presented their own problems and opinions from the aspects of talent cultivation, scientific research and international exchange based on their individual specific circumstances, and put forward pertinent suggestions to the School. Zhang Shengbing and Yu Zhiwen answered their questions immediately. Other young teachers also actively shared their experience and knowledge. Everyone recognized the significance of this symposium and said they had benefited a lot from it.

Later, Zhang Shengbing put forward expectations and requirements from the School for young teachers from the aspects of team building, international exchange, position recruitment and title promotion.

Finally, Yu Zhiwen stressed that young teachers should actively participate in the talent introduction and social welfare work of the School, put forward that the growth of young teachers should have the grade, the quality, the morality and the brand, and encouraged them to do original research in accordance with the major national needs, continue to research in one direction and make their own brand. At the same time, he also proposed that they should always remember to abide by the ethics of teachers, academic ethics and academic norms.

(Reviewed by:Yu Zhiwen)

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