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School of Computer Science Held the Third "01 Academic Salon" on Exploring the Mechanism and Evolution of Cancer


        On the afternoon of May 25, the School of Computer Science held the third "01 Academic Salon", attended by 14 teachers and presided over by Associate Professor Wang Zhu.

Themed "Exploring the Mechanism and Evolution of Cancer", this salon's keynote speaker was Associate Professor Chen Bolin, who shared his insights and thoughts from aspects ranging from the concept, different stages of cancer to the research contents and plans.

First of all, he pointed out that cancer is a hereditary disease caused by genetic changes. Each cancer patient's gene mutation portfolio is unique. With the development of cancer, more genetic changes may keep occurring. Then, he introduced the four stages of cancer. Based on his recent research, he articulated the approaches to explore the mechanism and evolution process of cancer in terms of gene identification and evolution. He ended his speech with an introduction of his future research interests, such as marker recognition in the early stage of cancer, two-dimensional spatial representation of cancer evolution process, driver recognition of each stage of cancer and drug screening. 

During the discussion session, the participating teachers exchanged ideas actively with Prof. Chen and put forward their own views, especially on the relationship between cancer and gene mutation, data mining and analysis, and algorithms. Yu Zhiwen, dean of the School, affirmed Prof. Chen's research and gave suggestions from aspects of research objectives and methods and enhancing cooperation. He hoped that also teachers could aim at certain targets and achieve them by bold explorations and innovation. He also emphasized that teachers should collaborate with each other to carry out research on major scientific issues.

"01 Academic Salon" has proved to be an important platform for teachers to improve themselves. Striving to see innovation through, the School will hold regular academic salons in the future to further strengthen joint research between teachers and broaden their horizons of research.

Author: Su Tongtong Reviewer: Deng Lei

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