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Academic Report

Chen Xiaofeng's Report on November 11, 2019


Topic: Block Chain Technology and Application

Reporter: Chen Xiaofeng (Product Quality Director of Hyperchain)

Moderator: Wang Jihe (Lecturer)

Time: November 11, 2019, 10:00 a.m.

Place: Meeting Room 105, School of Computer Science

About the Reporter:

Chen Xiaofeng, graduated from Sichuan University in 2012, is engaged in block chain standards setting, product R&D and product quality supervision, and NoSQL and distributed storage fields. After joining in Hyperchain in 2017, he has been responsible for quality supervision and standardization, devoting himself to building the block chain quality assurance system and promoting block chain technology standardization. Meanwhile, he conducted research on block chain standards in IEEE, ITU-T and other international standards organizations. As the vice-chairman of P2144 Trusted IoT Data Management Working Group, he is dedicated to enhancing the international influence of China's block chain research. He participated in the research of many national standards initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Electronics Standardization Institute and other institutions and participated in the research of trusted block chain standards of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). As the deputy leader of the Open Source Benchmarking Test Working Group, he works to develop block chain technology, security, performance and evaluation system.

Report Summary:

Integrated application of block chain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. As a new generation of technology trend, it has become an important industry in our country. What exactly can block chains do? What application fields and scenarioses are suitable for block chains? What can block chains contribute to the real economy? How far is the value Internet from us? As a forefront industry, more theoretical research and commercial exploration are needed. Hyperchain, as the first domestic research and development of domestically controlled commercial block chain platform, is committed to connecting the digital world and the real world to build a transparent, efficient and credible social life. In the field of scientific research, Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, led the establishment of the Block Chain Research Center of Zhejiang University and the Block Chain Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang Province, and participated in the formulation of a large number of block chain industry standards. As for the combination of block chain and industry, the team of the reporter has rich practical experience. It has cooperated with many enterprises and has the leading international technology and rich application cases.

Starting with the nature of the block chain, this lecture explored the core value and commercial potential of block chain system based on distributed computing and distributed storage. In addition, the lecture analyzed the current industrial exploration and practical cases of block chain from the application of digital assets, business collaboration, certificate traceability and data exchange, so as to reveal the essence of block chain research and its application challenges.

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